The ++Y2K++ World Final Warm-up Contest.

The things you should know:
  • Scroll down to see the Problemset.
  • If you have trouble viewing HTML, view the PDF files.
  • For all problems assume pi=2*acos(0) or pi=2*cos_inverse(0).
  • The Contest duration may be increased for our mistakes or to give people more Time to Practice.
  • To send clarification send mail to
  • The Clarification replies will be given via email. But it may also be put in the Clarification Board if it is of general interest.
  • Please look at the Clarification Board for any correction notice.

The Problemset

Serial, Title & HTML link PDF File Link Problemsetter
(A) Athletics Track PDF for A Sabbir Yousuf Sanny
(B) Judgment Day PDF for B Manzurur Rahman Khan
(C) Divide The Land PDF for C Md. Towhidul Islam
(D) Home! Sweet Home! PDF for D Md. Arifuzzaman Arif
(E) Mirror Clock PDF for E Md. Towhidul Islam
(F) Krypton Number System PDF for F Jane Alam Jan
(G) Power Faster PDF for G Raiyan Kamal
(H) Stick Makes Gold PDF for H Jane Alam Jane
(I ) Arithmetic SubsequencePDF for I Shamim Hafiz
(J ) WaterlandPDF for J Syed Monowar Hossain

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- ACM Valladolid On-line Judge team

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