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Invitation to Programming Contest

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The International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India cordially invites you to be a part of Felicity, the annual cultural and technical festival, to be held from 19th - 21st February,2010.

1) Codecraft 2010

CodeCraft 2010, the online programming competition is all set to start on 14th February,2010. Codecraft requires eight hours of brainstorming over some of the toughest algorithms challenges from various fields of Computer Science.

Where :
When : 14th February , 2010 , 2 pm - 10 pm IST(GMT +5:30).

2) Time Limit Exceeded

This is an unusual programming event which emphasizes on solving problems under special constraints. The event is based on C/C++ with the scoring depending on factors like code length, deviation from the best available solution, or even the number of semi-colons and whitespaces used.

Where :
When : 15th February 2010 2pm to 17th February 2pm (48 hours [2 days]) IST (GMT +5:30).

3) MathematiKa 2010

MathematiKa 2010 is an online mathematical programming contest which emphasizes on fusion of mathematics and computing. Contestants may use ANY language of their choice.

Where :
When : 17th February, 2010 , 4pm - 12pm IST(GMT +5:30).

You need to REGISTER online to participate in these event. There are prizes in each of the mentioned events, details of which will be put on the site in due time. Kindly visit the respective sites for more details.

For queries , mailto : ,,

Thanks and Regards
Team Felicity 2K10
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