Participating in the ICPC regionals?

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Russell John
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Participating in the ICPC regionals?

Post by Russell John »

We would like to get a statistics on how many Electronic Board members are participating in the upcoming regionals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. If you are a contestant, then let us know about your school, your team, your coach or anything relavant that you might want to share with us.

Six of the regionals has already been held, and if any of you have participated there, then let us know about your experience.

And best of luck everyone!
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Post by Polaris »

We are participating at the ICPC from City University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and our team's name is City Whiz. This is the first time any teams from our university is joing the ICPC (our university is only 1 year old), and acording to Dr. Kaykobad (our regional contest director), we are the youngest team to join the ICPC this time...

The contest will held on 12 and 13 of November and we are hoping for the best... City Whiz rules!

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Post by erfan »

Our team "IIUC POINTER" from International Islamic University Chittagong(Chittagong,Bangladesh) is going to participating in ACM ICPC Dhaka site at 12-13 November.Our team members are Erfan,Harun and Mizan with our coach Mr. Md. Shamsul Alam.
We are hoping best for us. Request to all, please pray for us.
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Post by shamim »


I am Shamim Hafiz and I will be participating in the Upcoming ICPC regionals. I am studying in East West University, Dhaka. Therefore like Polaris, i will be participating in the Dhaka Site. Our team name is EWU Recharged. This is the first time I am participating.

Julien Cornebise
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Post by Julien Cornebise »

Hi !

I'm Julien Cornebise, France, 20, Team "ESIEA Hitch-Hiker's", and we'll be in SWERC on November 14-16 , with my team mates Olivier Bery (from the board) and Mickael Do-Quang !
See you there !! :D

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Post by sumankar »

this is Suman Kar
I am a final Yr student of
Bengal Engineering College
and our team participated in the
last ACM ICPC Regional
held at Jadavpur University (Calcutta)
on behalf of IIT Kanpur on 11-12th of October .
My teammates were Ritendra Datta
(currently ranked within first 1000 here )
and S.P Chowdhury.
Our team was called BEings.

We did not have a coach as such
but someone from the college was reqd
to sign at a couple of places, thats
perfectly perfunctory.

We stood 6th overall.

And of course it was great to be out there,
we had the best schools from India as well as
Bangladesh (BUET and IIUC and Darul-Islam
did come along).
It was so enlightening talking to those
guys, great never felt so good!

Fact of the matter is we did share a few titbits
and I must say, we did learn a lot
from the guys who alled themselves BUET Sprinters.

It was a charged atmosphere, evry competitve
and the competiton was held simultaneously over a network
at Jadavpur and Roorkee!
We had a practice session on Sat i.e . 11th
and on 12th the real one.

And of course a good deal of goodies to gobble up,
entirely gastronomic in nature.

If this is not all let me know I can furnish more
candid details
. :wink:


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Post by Master »

This is M H Rasel. I am a student of Chittangong University of Engineering & Technology. I am participating on the comming ACM ICPC 2003 on Dhaka site with my team CUET Old Sailor.

My other team members are Faizur and Zubair. We all are in 3rd year student.

M H Rasel
CUET Old Sailor

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Post by Sajid »

I study in American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB), in Computer Science.
Unfortunately, I am not joining ICPC in this year. Because, I m junior. But neXt year, I am going to sit for ICPC in Dhaka (Asia) Region.

My current team name is AIUB Challengers.

I joined NCPC and AIPC National Contests before.
Sajid Online:

bery olivier
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Post by bery olivier »

Hi, as Julien said, I will in the next swerc.

I would like to wish you all here good luck for the contest.
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Post by Subeen »

Hello! This is Tamim Shahriar ( Subeen ). I study in Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
I am going to participate in ACM ICPC Regional (Dhaka Site) on November 12-13. My current team name is SUST Pulverizer. This is my second participation in ICPC Regional. Last year our team ranked 14th.
This year four teams from our university is going to participate in the contest.
And I wish all the best to all participating teams in this contest. :D

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Post by avishek »

Hi , i did not participate this time, but hopefuly next year i will.

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Fudan University topped Dhaka Contest

Post by mhacm »

Fudan University topped Dhaka Regional Contest and I thought it was a decisive victory by the Fudan guys over all other teams as they solved 6 and the 2nd best team solved 4. I am in first year UNSW. So i will try after 2 years. We made it to the final stage at UNSW Round 3. But we could not beat the best teams to represent UNSW. I think the UNSW M will beat BUET this time as well. As an Australian of Bangldeshi parents this is exciting to watch ( BUET vs UNSW battle on). Well as lot of BUET students may be aware of, lots of BUET CSE grads did come to UNSW for their Masters however I am not aware of any reverse happenings. Even though UNSW guys does not have enough time to participate in this practice site unlike the BUET guys we can still beat BUET's best with vey little effort.

We will enjoy the final I guess.

Miguel Angel
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Our team passed to the world finals :P

Post by Miguel Angel »

No hard problems, but very large problems :P. We go to the World Finals :) for Mexico and Central America regional.
:D Miguel & Marina :D

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Some thoughts

Post by shahriar_manzoor »

I have heard about many regionals, I have seen one of them so I just want to share some interesting events:

a) I think this year some of the regionals of US contained too many give away problems. I mean some problems were way too easy. In one region eight teams solved all the problems, funny! The South pacific site (Australian Site) always contains three give away problem. I don't know why?

b) In Calcutta Regional I was informed that even judges were not aware how penalty is awarded. And there ranklist was changing as they changed the penalty rules. The coaches were not even allowed to enter the contest building.

c) In Dhaka Regional contest I heard several interesting comments:
(i) "The success of a contest totally depends on the problem setters. The network persons has nothing to do with it."

(ii) Dhaka Regional used an ancient PC^2 version 6.34. It was not able to take 10 problems. One of the system guys said "Look what the problem setters have done. They have set 10 problems. Let's ommit the 10th problem."

I don't know how things will change but things should change.

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Post by sumankar »

In Calcutta we had this strange problem
other than the judges being not aware (the human ones )
that the network snapped all of a sudden and then all our
submissions were gone, we had to resubmit.
There was a power failure and so on...

Anyway I thought this was excusable, for the first time

Suman Kar

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