10059 - The Hazard of CSE Department!

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10059 - The Hazard of CSE Department!

Post by Astrakan » Mon Nov 25, 2002 12:52 am

In the description of the output of problem 10059, it says that if there is more than one equation that satisfies an input, then the equations should be printed in "ascending order of their slopes".

However, looking at the sample output, the equations are not sorted by slope (in my opinion). The first output line is 1*x-1*y+0=0, i.e. y=x, which has a slope of 1, and the second output line is 1*x+1*y+0=0, i.e. y=-x, which has a slope of -1, according to the definition slope=dy/dx.

Also, with an equation like 1*x+0*y+0=0, i.e. x=0, the line is vertical and has no slope. How should such an equation be sorted if it is together with, for example, 1*x-1*y+0=0 (x=y)?

Please explain what is meant by "ascending order of their slopes".

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