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I want a working code snippet with priority queue of java which takes a double array ... I am interested in insert and retrieval oprerations... I need to know how this class works... and I am not a Java guy. Thanks in advance.
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Re: java.util.PriorityQueue...

Post by andmej »

I don't understand the part of the "double array", but here's a Dijkstra implementation in Java which uses a PriorityQueue. This should work as a template. Basically what you have to do is create a class that implements interface Comparable (you should create a method called compareTo) and then create a new PriorityQueue<MyClass>. Be careful, it's a little different to C++ STL priority_queue, in the sense that in C++ the biggest element is on top of the queue, but on Java's PriorityQueue, it's the smallest element the one on top.

Here's the link:

Look at problem C from match 4 (Oct. 7, 2006), and look for the sample solution in the zipfile.
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