How to see my friend's Statistics?

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How to see my friend's Statistics?

Post by hamedv »

How to see my friend's Statistics?

Can any one help me?

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Post by Bappi_cuet »

I think it is not possible at this time but later a way can be make.

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Post by enjolras »

Now you can by clicking on one of your friends submissions. I realize that the feature is not very useful right now, but once the 'Author's ranklist' page is published, you will be able to find the stats for any user.

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Post by meisterT »

I clicked on my and other people submissions in different browsers (Opera, IE, Firefox).

The result is always the same: "You are not authorised to view this resource." What does this message mean?

How can I use your feature?

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Re: How to see my friend's Statistics?

Post by sakhassan »

If u want to see the statistics of other users , the result returns ' You are not authorized to view this resource'.
If u add ' &Itemid=20' after the url link of ur desired author ranklist , u can view it.
For eg.
' ... userid=XXX'
add ... &Itemid=20
The problem is due to joomla component. I would like to have a look see of the moderators of the new site.
Thanks in advance
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Re: How to see my friend's Statistics?

Post by nymo »

Thank you sakhassan. It really helps :)

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