Plz give me some problems

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Plz give me some problems

Post by Rushow »

I am a solver of ACM problems. I have solved 38 problems. Now I'm trying the base conversion problems. Can anybody give me some problem numbers
of base conversion.

abdullah<cse du>
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Post by abdullah<cse du> »


I have solved some base related problems.

1. The base you are loaded-355
2. Ternary-11185
3. Simple base conversion-10473
4. Kibbles 'n' bits 'n' bits-446
5. Basically speaking-389

There are also many base related problems in UVA.

Go ahead

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Post by Rushow »

Thank you abdullah<cse du>.
I'll try my best to solve them.

Tariq Shahriar
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Post by Tariq Shahriar »

This is not a topic of Volume I. So you should submit this type of topics in Algorithm section.

...and if you want classified problems list, then go to: ShyGypsy / Igor’s Tools and use "Search query:" text box at top-left of the page.
This is a rich site for ACM solver. you can use other useful features of this page like: next2solve, problemStats, and diff - text box.

By searching with keyword "base" i found the problems below-
grep+: UVA problems keyword search (v1.1)

grep+ found these files to match your search:

p11180.cpp: //easy, base conversion, complex numbers
p575.cpp: //easy, math, number theory, skew binary, base conversion, horner, short, good, excellent, tiny
p10677.cpp: //medium, math, number theory, horner's rule, base conversion, good, excellent
p636.cpp: //easy, good, short, math, number theory, horner, bases, squares, sqrt
p10019.cpp: //easy, trivial, math, horner, bases, bit counting, good
p10764.cpp: //medium, math, bases, signed digit number system, good, educational, gotcha
p10093.cpp: //easy, math, number theory, horner's rule, modular arithmetic, bases, divisibility, good
p173.cpp: //easy, parsing, graphs, simulation, bad, UNSOLVED: another fucked up graph-based simulation
p377.cpp: //easy, calculations in base 4, math
p10442.cpp: //medium, parsing, math, bases, horner, tricky
p10473.cpp: //easy, io, base conversion, scanf, trivial
p11121.cpp: //easy, trivial, math, base conversion
12 results match.

grep+ searches the database of Valladolid problems that I solved (or tried to). You can give it keywords like "dp", "graphs", "math", "brute force", etc. and it will give you a list of problem numbers that (in my opinion) match the keywords. The database contains 1227 problems.
Please ignore anything that appears after "UNSOLVED:". As you probably know, not being able to solve a problem after many attempts can be very frustrating.
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