Round up float value

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Round up float value

Post by rakeb »

is there any function in C to round up float value i.e we can write
4.236 as 4.24 or I have to write it?
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Post by fpnc »

I'm not a guru of C, but maybe something like ((int)(4.236*100))/100.0 ?
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Ivan Golubev
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Post by Ivan Golubev »

sprintf/printf("%.2lf", x);
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Post by rakeb »

i don't want print the round up value i want to assign it in a variable
a=round(4.346); //a will be 4.35

is there any way.....
Adrian Kuegel
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Post by Adrian Kuegel »

If you want to round the number to nearest integer, use
a = floor(a*100+0.5)/100.0;
and if you want to round to next higher integer, use
a = ceil(a*100)/100.0;
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Post by imranul »

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char str[100];
// be sure u're not using Turbo C++.The atof function in it has bugs.
// u can write a subroutine also that does the same thing life atof.
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