a complain about 2487 lollies at live archive

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a complain about 2487 lollies at live archive

Post by trulo17 »

well, this post is for the purpose of complaining(not in an angrily way of course :D ) about 2487. The statement(or the input) is wrong:
an integer L, which is the number of lollies available on that day ( 1 <= L <=100),
an integer N, which is the associated delay ( 1 <= N <= 100).
but i discovered the input actually has values zero for N and L!!
I`m pretty sure about this because i told my program to terminate if it found a L or N were equal to zero,and my program run for 0.002, when it run in 0.230 without this exception. I handle those especial cases and finally got accepted( after nearly 30 "wrong" submissions).
So i woul like to ask administrators to correct the input, or to modify the statement, so people don't waist their time wondering what's wrong in vane.(My suggestion would be to eliminate the zero inputs, cause they got no sense, in my humble opinion).

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