12882 - City Park

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12882 - City Park

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Use this thread to discuss this problem.
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Re: 12882 - City Park

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Hello guys, I'm trying to solve this problem 12882 - City Park, but I'm getting WA. I already tested the code with many test cases but all of them are correct. can you please take a look in my code and try to find the bug?(or at least give me some critical test cases)

** I'm using a plane sweep algorithm.

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#include <bits/stdc++.h>

using namespace std;

typedef long long int ll;

struct ret{
	ll lx, ly, ux, uy, id;
	ret(ll a, ll b, ll c, ll d, ll f) : lx(a), ly(b), ux(c), uy(d), id(f) {}
	bool operator < (ret g) const{
		if(ly != g.ly) return ly < g.ly;
		return uy < g.uy;

vector<ret> P;

bool compareX(ret a, ret b){
	if(a.lx != b.lx) return a.lx < b.lx;
	return a.ly < b.ly;

ll area(ret a){
	return abs(a.ux - a.lx) * abs(a.uy - a.ly);

ll solve(){
	multiset<ret> SL;//It's my plane sweep
	ll ans;
	ll regCont=0LL;
	vector< ll > regiao, reg;
	regiao.assign(P.size()+10, 0LL);
	reg.assign(P.size()+10, 0LL);
	for (int i = 0; i < P.size(); i++)
		ret p = P[i];
		reg[p.id] = regCont++;
			regiao[reg[p.id]] = area(p);
		for(multiset<ret> :: iterator it = SL.begin(); it!=SL.end(); ){
			ret b = *it;
			if(b.ly > p.uy || b.uy < p.ly || b.ux < p.lx) {
				multiset<ret> :: iterator tmp = it;
				if((b.uy < p.ly && b.ux==p.lx) || b.ux < p.lx) {//when i find a rectangle that is leftside, or downside i erase it of the SL;
					it = tmp;
				}else ++it;
			if(reg[b.id] > reg[p.id]){
				regiao[reg[p.id]] += regiao[reg[b.id]];
				regiao[reg[b.id]] = 0LL;
				b.id = p.id;
			}else p.id = b.id;
	ans = 0LL;
	for(ll i=0LL; i<regCont; i++){
		ans = max(ans, regiao[i]);
	return ans;

int main(){
	ll n;
	ll x, y, w, h;
	while(cin >> n, !cin.eof()){
		ll id=0LL;
			scanf("%lld %lld %lld %lld", &x, &y, &w, &h);
			P.push_back(ret(x, y, x+w, y+h, id++));
		sort(P.begin(), P.end(), compareX);
		printf("%lld\n", solve());
Please someone help me!
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