11548 - Blackboard Bonanza

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Re: 11548 - Blackboard Bonanza

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Thank u Mr.sohel for ur help.Acc.
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Re: 11548 - Blackboard Bonanza

Post by receme »

Darko wrote:
The original statement was something like: Given N strings, find two that can give you the largest number of matched characters between them if you write one underneath the another. You can see that there are so many problems with that statement but, in retrospect, it would have been less confusing if we just left it that way.
Thanks Darko.... your post is really helpful. I got ac in 0.804 sec. :)

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Re: 11548 - Blackboard Bonanza

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can anyone give me test caes....iam getting WA....here's my code http://ideone.com/4GJJm3

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