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This site's inputs versus

Post by davidbak »

For problems that are on both uva and are the input sets the same? For Java submissions can you basically expect the same results for the same program?

Reason I'm asking - I've been using in Java. I'm trying to also use uva with the same Java programs to verify the problems where the programming-challenges judge fails because it doesn't have special judges. E.g., for 110307/10150 Doublets.

I've submitted 3 programs here for different problems and haven't succeeded for any.

Results are as follows:

a) programming-challenges accepted answer correct; uva timeout. (10137, The Trip)
b) programming-challenges gave wrong answer - which means the run completed without runtime error or timeout, it is one on their list where they don't have special judges; uva timeout. (706, LCD Display)

and now
c) programming challenges gave wrong answer - which means the run completed, needed a special judge; uva gives runtime error. (10150 Doublets)

So, why would it run to completion at programming-challenges and time out here?
And especially, why would it run to completion at programming-challenges and cause a runtime error here?

I'm about ready to give up on uva and Java. And maybe give up on uva altogether, because I don't need the aggravation.

Thanks for your tips! -- David

BTW, if you're able and interested to look into this, here are the submissions:

8708763 10150 Doublets Runtime error JAVA 0.000 2011-04-04 03:55:25
8693954 706 LCD Display Time limit exceeded JAVA 3.000 2011-03-31 02:21:27
8693792 10137 The Trip Time limit exceeded JAVA 3.000 2011-03-30 22:26:26

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