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Registration problem

Post by agysejt »

Dear Admins!

I registered correctly, but I cannot login to the site, because of I did not received the confirmation email.
I tried many times.
Would you be so kind to help me?

Thanks, István Virág
Hungary, University of Eötvös

Robert Gerbicz
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Re: Registration problem

Post by Robert Gerbicz »

There are lots of another online judge, which are not broken, see:

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Re: Registration problem

Post by Carlos »

problem solved. follow the instructions in the main web.

Btw, thanks Robert, with people like you advertising other OJ's, and UVa's still being number one in submissions, problems and users, leads us to think that our broken online judge is the best among all :-)
DON'T PM ME --> For any doubt, suggestion or error reporting, please use the "Contact us" form in the web.

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Re: Registration problem

Post by bhuwan.chopra »

Dear Admins!

My Friend is facing the same problem. He has registered into the system but has not as yet received the confirmation email.
His registration id is 'anandthakur'. Please look into this.

Thanks in advance,
Bhuwan Chopra

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