607 - Scheduling Lectures

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emotional blind
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607 - Scheduling Lectures

Post by emotional blind »

i cant understand why i got wa answer in everytime
i use very simple DP algorithm
can anyone help me with critical input/output
wanna see my code?

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Re: 607 - Scheduling Lectures

Post by gsbhatia »

I had received WA instead of PE for emitting a blank line after the last test case. Omitting that gave me an AC. Hope this helps.

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Re: 607 - Scheduling Lectures

Post by bourne »

I am getting TLE in this problem. I use DP for finding the minimum number of lectures and then use the DP table to backtrack for minimum DI. How do I optimize?

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Re: 607 - Scheduling Lectures

Post by nymo »

I have used a simple memoization but getting WA. Can you give me some sample IO?

Thanks in advance.

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