12732 - Guess the Fake Coin

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12732 - Guess the Fake Coin

Post by brianfry713 »

Use this thread to discuss this problem.
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Re: 12732 - Guess the Fake Coin

Post by milmar »

This one is probably misjudged. I submitted many times and always got empty verdict :)

Can anything be done to it?

Interactive problems are fun!

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Re: 12732 - Guess the Fake Coin

Post by fsps60312 »

Really... A lot in queue
I wonder why still some people got the result, with some submission pending for one year (I mean @alexhighvis :wink: )

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Re: 12732 - Guess the Fake Coin

Post by tobby »

12732 is interesting but I am getting WA. I need your help.

I have tested and I believe the online judge does not work as described. For example, it does not terminate my program immediately after wrong answers or improper queries. Also, Protocol Violation (PV) is not a possible final verdict.

The latest AC submission was more than 1 year ago. May I ask those who got AC submit their codes and see if the judge is still working correctly? Thanks!

FYI my algorithm is the classical one : divide the possible range into 3 parts and solve the question recursively. I have tried the inputs in the gift package and got correct results. I wonder if the way I do input/output is causing WA. (I know I may be asking for too much, but it would be great if you could PM me your codes, so that I can take them as reference to modify my code. Thanks again.)

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