1597 - Searching the Web

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1597 - Searching the Web

Post by brianfry713 »

Use this thread to discuss this problem.
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Re: 1597 - Searching the Web

Post by dibery »

Getting several PE but don't know what the problem is.

My idea is pretty simple.
For each query, iterate through all articles and all lines.
Print that line if it contains that query word.

The idea works fine, as I got a PE, not WA.
But the problem is why PE. I didn't find the point where I'm missing or adding any spaces.
Please help me, thanks.

My code is at below:

Code: Select all

Got AC. Thanks, nasher!
My problem was that I didn't remove the \n after the number of articles.
Therefore there's a new line in the article. Caused trouble at NOT operation.
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