12583 - Memory Overflow

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12583 - Memory Overflow

Post by sampad74 »

thanks lighted got AC.
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Re: UVa-12583 Memory Overflow

Post by lighted »

If you have two same people in array b then your program will increase variable c several times. :)
You can change it to

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int ok;
for(ok = j = 0; j < m; j++)
    if(b[j]== a[k])
  if (ok) c++;
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Re: 12583 - Memory Overflow

Post by uDebug »

On this problem when I used std::map, I ended up with TL. I had to use another data structure instead.

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Re: 12583 - Memory Overflow

Post by Zyaad Jaunnoo »

I have used stl map too but got AC in 0.000 second.

Probably a small bug in your program.. (?)

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