591 - Box of Bricks

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Re: 591 - Box Of Bricks (WA)

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Right. It makes sense, since they can have the same height. Thank you very much!

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591 - Box of Bricks

Post by ehsanulbigboss »

Got Accepted!!!
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Re: 591 - Box of Bricks

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You must search topics about your problem first.
Insert problem number 591 into search box and you will get many explanations why your code may get WA.
http://acm.uva.es/board/search.php?keyw ... f7e91186d6
Output a blank line after each set.
Btw, you must post about this problem in Volume V.
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Re: 591 Box of Bricks

Post by This Is ERFAN »

Getting wrong answer....Help me plz

Code: Select all


int main()
    int num,i,m,j,k;
    for(m=1;; m++)
        if(num==0) return 0;
        int arr[num];
        for(i=0; i<num; i++)
        int sum=0;
        for(j=0; j<num; j++)
        int size=sum/num;
        int count=0;
        for(k=0; k<num; k++)
            if(arr[k]>size) count=count+(arr[k]-size);

            printf("Set #%d\nThe minimum number of moves is %d.\n",m,count);

    return 0;

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Re: 591 - Box of Bricks

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Output a blank line after each set.
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Re: 591 - Box of Bricks

Post by utpal.ruetcse13 »

faced lots of WA because of missing a new line.......
Here those are facing to solve this problem, please be confirmed you have entered a blank line. so in that case you have to put two new lines :)
Thats it!!!!!
Like my code is -
cout<<"Set #"<<num<<endl;
cout<<"The minimum number of moves is "<<moves<<".\n\n";
// I've used #include <cstdio> as header file so i used "\n"

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