599 - The Forrest for the Trees

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Re: 599-The forest for the trees

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apcastelein wrote:I'm having an issue with my code. It works for the sample input but I get RE when submitting
Try configuring your compiler to show you all possible warnings, as that may help you catch subtle bugs. For example, when I compiled your code, I received:

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p.cpp: In function ‘int main()’:
p.cpp:64:17: warning: format ‘%s’ expects a matching ‘char*’ argument [-Wformat=]
If you want to skip that string in scanf (not store it anywhere), you may use the assignment-suppression character (see scanf's documentation for details). For example:

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Notice that there is also one space too many between "tree(s)" and "and".

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Re: 599-The forest for the trees

Post by apcastelein »

Thank you very much. I got it accepted now.

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Re: 599 - The Forrest for the Trees

Post by uohzxela »

Just got AC for the problem.

Turns out you don't need to implement cycle-finding for your DFS (DFS with cycle-finding will give WA). Just a simple DFS with coloring will do; a tree will contain colored nodes. Any white node in adjacency list with an empty list is an acorn. Be sure to add edge twice because the graph is undirected.

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Re: 599 - The Forrest for the Trees

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Added some input to help with testing / debugging here:

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