508 - Morse Mismatches

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508 - Morse Mismatches

Post by HelpDz »

Hi all.....

Could some one plz help me in this problem, like some useful hints in solving this problem
just to get me started

thanx in advance

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Re: 508 Morse Mismatches

Post by brianfry713 »

I first map each character to it's string encoding in the Morse code table.

Then I encode each word in the context section one letter at a time to build a Morse code string. If that Morse code word is unique, I store it in another map. If it is not unique, I add a "!" to the end of the existing word in that map if it doesn't already have one.

For each Morse word I search for it in the map. If it can't be found I search for the closest match and append a "?".

My code is straightforward.
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Re: 508 - Morse Mismatches

Post by metaphysis »

The description of problem needs fix.
It said that:
"If multiple context words match morse perfectly, then select the matching word with the fewest characters.
If this still results in an ambiguous match, any of these matches may be displayed. If multiple context
words exist for a given morse, the first matching word will be displayed followed by an exclamation
point (‘!’)."
Indeed, the judge only accept answer base one the latter rule, If you print the matching word with fewest characters, you will get WA.

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Re: 508 - Morse Mismatches

Post by 20717TZ »

Indeed, that's what I got for the sample input, but my output is different from the sample output:

Code: Select all

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