1090 - APL Lives!

All about problems in Volume 10. If there is a thread about your problem, please use it. If not, create one with its number in the subject.

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1090 - APL Lives!

Post by brianfry713 »

Anyone who gets AC can you share how to avoid PE?
Check input and AC output for thousands of problems on uDebug!

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Re: 1090 - APL Lives!

Post by r2ro »

Just wanted to update w/ regards to this.

I got AC on the Live Archive equivalent. https://icpcarchive.ecs.baylor.edu/inde ... oblem=2786

Then w/o making any modifications to my code, I get PE when I submit the exact same code to UVA. I think there's something bugged about the output, but seeing as there are others who got AC here, I'm not so sure. :-?

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