436 - Arbitrage (II)

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Re: 436 - Arbitrage - Clarify please

Post by subzero »

hi guys,

I'm trying to solve this problem using floyd's algorithm, I have read several posts about this problem (436) but I don't get the ac...:S
here it is:

I have tried changing float to double
and the limit in the condition if ( w >1.0 ) to 1.0001, 1.000001, 1.0000001

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any idea, thanks
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Re: 436 - Arbitrage (II)

Post by fsps60312 »

Though getting AC, I came up with a testcase:

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a -2 b
b -2 a
My AC output gives No.
But I think the answer should be Yes.
Because:a(1)->b(-2)->a(4), then you'll have four times more than origin.
Can anyone explain?

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Re: 436 - Arbitrage (II)

Post by brianfry713 »

There are no negative exchange rates in the judge's input, and that doesn't make any sense.
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