449 - Majoring in Scales

All about problems in Volume 4. If there is a thread about your problem, please use it. If not, create one with its number in the subject.

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Or give me critical i/o for my code

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[Liga]Black wrote:Or give me critical i/o for my code

You can check this post (http://acm.uva.es/board/viewtopic.php?f ... 8e12d951e6) first.
There are already some test cases in there.
Good luck!
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Re: 449 - Majoring in Scales

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Ok, we've got tone-tone-semitone-ton-tone-tone-semitone thing. Now, what is, say, "FIFTH UP"? Does it mean, starting from the current "starting" note, keep going to the next note in the scale while also adding +2 to the counter if the transition was "tone". and +1 is the transition was semitone, and stop once the counter = 5?

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