Lost password - DOES NOT work

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Lost password - DOES NOT work

Post by medv »

Dear UVA staff!

I lost my password, but your link
http://icpcres.ecs.baylor.edu/onlinejud ... stPassword
DOES NOT work!

I wrote a lot of times to "Contact us"
http://icpcres.ecs.baylor.edu/onlinejud ... t&Itemid=4
but NEVER got answer.

Please, tell me how to get my lost password.

I use FireFox
Is it your problem or something wrong with my FireFox version?

Thank you

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Re: Lost password - DOES NOT work

Post by tryit1 »

even i lost my forum password actually i forgot an underscore in my updated gmail id and now everything is locked. The activation mail and everything else got spoilt.
I tried mailing them couple of times but didn't get any response. Looks like they are overloaded.

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Re: Lost password - DOES NOT work

Post by Carlos »

Sorry, as you say Miguel Jr is overloaded. For the time being, please use problemset@acm.uva.es instead.
DON'T PM ME --> For any doubt, suggestion or error reporting, please use the "Contact us" form in the web.


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