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Robert Gerbicz
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Multiple users

Post by Robert Gerbicz »

Look at the following users on acm uva:
Stephen febrian ... id=1051766
Stephen Febrian (jan_holmes) ... userid=506
Stephen Febrian ... id=1024829

At this point you can still think, that just the names are the same, but this is not true, see the name's and the running times, and the posted times:
on p10980 problem's stat:

Code: Select all

18      4226806  	Stephen febrian  	0.111  	C++  	2005-12-29 05:43:19
19 	4226809 	Stephen Febrian 	0.111 	C++ 	2005-12-29 05:44:09
20 	4226807 	Stephen Febrian 	0.111 	C++ 	2005-12-29 05:43:55
on p11247 problem's stat:

Code: Select all

14  	5784564  	Stephen febrian  	0.057  	C++  	2007-07-29 17:08:57
15 	5784574 	Stephen Febrian 	0.057 	C++ 	2007-07-29 17:10:39
16 	5865395 	SRX - lol 	0.057 	C++ 	2007-08-26 13:52:43
17 	5784575 	Stephen Febrian 	0.059 	C++ 	2007-07-29 17:10:51
And this isn't the only example. It would be better to merge these 3 accounts to a single person, and send him a big warning to stop creting more users on the site.

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Re: Multiple users

Post by Carlos »

Accounts can not be merged.

Also, what's the point of having 3 accounts? Will you learn three time as much? It's stupid to have 3 accounts since you won't get any price for your ranking.
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Re: Multiple users

Post by jan_holmes »

Hi... It's me the one who have 3 accounts. :oops: Actually, I didn't do it purposely. At one time, I had forgotten my ID accounts (2 times). So I had to create the new one. But then, I found my ID account right after I created the third one. But since UVA is migrated to the new server, I'm just using one account, which is the latest (Migrated it to my current account). I'm so sorry to create such a mess.


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