Anybody out there?

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Anybody out there?

Post by mpi »

Hi guys,

Don't know if i'm the only one that think like this but, anyway, i must say it! The new system is up for almost a year now and we haven't seen any of the "amazing" features devised for it yet. I was wondering if the OJ site is still under development or if it's frozen for some reason at the moment. Is somebody working on it now? Can he/she tell us the progress of that work?

Thanks in advance.

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Post by JC1 »

I must say I'm a bit disappointed with this new Judge. I remember the old times when there were great discussions in this forum. Nowadays, it seems almost dead. :( In those days, each one of us had its own "routines", habits and we really enjoyed solving problems here. The old judge wasn't very appealing, that's true, but it worked. I hope UVA judge can someday be what it was, an outstanding place to pratice and learn some nice things about algorithms.


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Re: Anybody out there?

Post by Carlos »

We've already implemented all amazing features we announced. Then, why don't we put them online? We tried, but the machine stalled. We've ordered a new machine, but getting funds is a long burocratic patient, please!!

About the way old things were...well, we've nothing to do with that, it's you users who define how good the community is. We've never participated in those algorithm learning conversations. Anyway, if you have any suggestion to do so that we can improve that, please tell us.
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