Latest submissions missing from Author's Ranklist

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Latest submissions missing from Author's Ranklist

Post by sumankar »

I submitted a few problems in the last 5 days or so. I don't see them in the Author's Ranklist though. Basically, I see a difference in the number of Tries/Accpeted problems as found in the new web interface (for submission) and the Author's Ranklist.

Am I missing something here?


PS: Just after I pressed the submit button for this post, I figured I didn't want something in it, so edited it and pressed submit and what do I get -- "You can't make another post so soon, please wait ...". Is this something new you guys have added to prevent spam? I am too lazy to read through all the FAQs ;)

Also, I think we should have a feature list ready for the new web interface with so many people not being 'very' happy. For example, I too want a simpler way to submit problems (I don't want to give up making mistakes submitting the wrong problem number or choosing the wrong compiler <g>)

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Re: Latest submissions missing from Author's Ranklist

Post by Carlos »

Statistics should be updated and the quick submit button is already working.

About the changes tracking....there are so many changes now that we can't spend our time in logging everything. We're very sorry for the lack of information, but it would slow down us even more. I hope you understand...and forgive us :-)
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