More unsolvable problems(?)

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More unsolvable problems(?)

Post by jurajz »

Last days, I have noticed, that my number of solved problems decreases about 16. I found out, that missing problems are 509, 582, 778, 781, 789, 930, 932, 933, 937, 938, 942, 943, 963, 971, 994, 998. All this problems (and maybe more in generally) change their mark from green/yellow to red. We can see, that these problems were solved, but all statistics are now set to 0.00%. I want to ask, what is happened about this problems. This problems cannot be solved more, or it is only short-time change?

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Re: More unsolvable problems(?)

Post by brianfry713 »

Yes the red check problems are recently changed to being unsolvable and were rejudged. Create a data set for one (or more) of them and email it to
Check input and AC output for thousands of problems on uDebug!

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