Bull Shit Damn online judge

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Yousuf Shetu
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Bull Shit Damn online judge

Post by Yousuf Shetu »

ACM is nothing but a bull shit website for online competetion, who can't compile the Java codes. Still he is in backdated PASCAL and in C.
Damn it
Dominik Michniewski
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Post by Dominik Michniewski »

Not so offensive !!! You think, that if you be so rude, that changes something ???? Are you want to solve some problems, or quarrel ? I don't like people who think, that without newest STL version or newest version of Java is impossible to solve something ... Better be, if you try to don't use some features - you learn more and be better programmer :-)

If you wish to write in Java, C, C++ and use some features, which are not possible there it's simple to change place to submitting your code. And reason of not upgrading compilers are discussed many times on this board ...

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