New Judge (icpcres baylor) problems

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icpcres is having too many problems

New Site doesn't have any problem for me.
It is good and better than
It is worse than
It is the worst and has submission problems (submisson take long time , joomla etc)
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New Judge (icpcres baylor) problems

Post by tryit1 »

hi carlos,
Is there any problem with new judge. i find it very hard to use the site. These days either it is in judge queue or the submission received part takes a long time actual 3 mins or more today. i thought it was my connection but looks like the problem is only with icpcres. i can post to these forums quite easily. What is be causing the problem ?

Please Don't lock these posts , let me and other users also reply with the problems in this thread
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Re: New Judge (icpcres baylor) problems

Post by Carlos »

moved to general since it's not a bug report or suggestion.
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Re: New Judge (icpcres baylor) problems

Post by mogers »

The design is nice to me. But the problem is that the site is really slow :cry:

Is there any problem or are you trying to improve this?
Miguel Oliveira
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Re: New Judge (icpcres baylor) problems

Post by tryit1 »

Do you guys reboot the server everyday ? I see on the weekends the server is pathetically slow. Almost unusable at certain times but on tuesday,wednesday it is bearable.

Something should be done about this . This along with joomla errors, it is almost impossible to use. It is more than a year since the site has been migrated. Please fix it.

I can think of few problems
1) The web -> db interface that is causing problems , the source code to be submitted takes long time.
Fix: Change the user interface or db to a better one.

2) Lots of source files, with compilation errors. Say we get around 1000 files an hour in the languages and the compiler takes around 10 secs (avg) to output error, so you get 10000 secs wasted.

Fix: Maybe penalize users with delay value of DV= 0.01*notimes they get compilation errors. When DV>1, run gcc -fsyntax-check before actually running them. Decrease DV if DV is contanst for some 100 submissions.Run the syntax checker on multiple files at a time.

3) WA part, you run for 2 secs and then it gives wrong answer 2000s wasted.

Fix : Use something like 2 inputs and 2 outputs before taking the submission to be verified. This may or maynot help.

4) Automated submissions like spam.
Fix: Use captcha kind of system to stop spam.

5) Running things in blocks at peak times. Like store all the submissions for 5 secs.
Then compile the submissions and run them at a time.

6) Reorganize test cases. When people get WA on a Test case increase count of test case by 1 , sort the test file once during a month. Maybe you are doing this.

7) java code should be run on different system altogether i think because of the resource requirements.

and Ask IBM, HP, Sun , Dell , Intel to donate hardware ;)

The times shown are wrong, there is a gap of 5 mins since i submitted. and gap of 2 mins between linking and accpeted.

6801367 10496 Collecting Beepers In judge queue C++ 0.000 2008-11-17 12:06:05
After 5 mins

6801367 10496 Collecting Beepers Linking C++ 0.000 2008-11-17 12:06:05

After 2 mins

6801367 10496 Collecting Beepers Accepted C++ 0.010 2008-11-17 12:06:05
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