Never use yahoomail for submission

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reza ali
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Never use yahoomail for submission

Post by reza ali »

Whenever I use it , i get compiler error. It don't submit the code as text file.
So don't use it .Otherwise it wll be frustrating for any one.

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Post by shamim »

Yes, you learned it the hard way, didn't you?

It is good that you have warned others.

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Not so!

Post by paulhryu »

I have used Yahoo! mail (two words, and make sure you include the exclamation) for some time to submit my solutions, though I've switched to the online submissions lately.

First of all, disable HTML in preferences and send it as text. Don't complain that it doesn't send in text, because that's an option in there. Also, at the end, add @END_OF_SOURCE_CODE so that the little Yahoo! ad doesn't mess up your compile.

deddy one
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Post by deddy one »

My first submission is using yahoo, and yes I got
compile error etc sumthin like that,

and then I created account in hotmail
and there is no problem anymore

btw submit o matic is faster I think

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Post by ec3_limz »

Just use Submit-o-matic and all such problems will be solved.

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Post by smr »

use this line at the beginning: /* "@BEGIN_OF_SOURCE_CODE" */
use this line at the end: /* "@END_OF_SOURCE_CODE" */

i hope then you will not get compil error.

Julien Cornebise
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Post by Julien Cornebise »

A really great way to submit (the best one in my opinion, and definitely the fastest), if you're using windows, is the CD-Man's progam (see main page). It really rocks !! A simple click and you're done. Thanks to the author !

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