UVa 10138 CDVII

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UVa 10138 CDVII

Post by metaphysis »

I wander if the judge data contains line like this or not.

test 01:01:02:02 Enter 19
test 01:01:04:06 ExiT 19

because I use a string variable to represent the status of vehicle,
when I test the status of car, I use:

status == "enter" or status == "exit"

and I got Wrong Answer a lots of times. so I switch to another way:

status[1] == 'n' or status[1] == 'x'

and I got AC!

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Re: UVa 10138 CDVII

Post by haidora1 »

for those having troubles with finding the correct pairings :
for each vehicle , sort the events (enter or exit) by increasing time
for each vehicle :
for each enter event i , see if the event IMMEDIATELY after it(i + 1) is exit , then pair event i to even (i + 1)

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Re: UVa 10138 CDVII

Post by jamesjogi08 »

I've submitted other problems as well after this, and all other problems are judged but not 702.

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