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Viewing my UserID

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At my university we'll be using several online judges including UVA (the others being Codeforces, Live Archive and one other) for a training course. To streamline the process we're using (same as to connect accounts on all four judges for every student to one a2oj account.

Connecting on a2oj for UVA (and Live Archive) requires a user-id that I have no reasonable idea on how to get without submitting a solution. At this point I'm convinced that if this is the sort of API that allows an external website to access my submissions record then I should be able to view the id at any time without having to submit something and catch my submission in the live judging page first :/

So, proper report:

I need to view my current user ID and cannot find any instructions on how to do that through my account settings or otherwise. The bug is that it's either not provided as a functionality or very non-obvious and undocumented.


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