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10418 judge error?

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:11 am
by ytlau9
Sorry if this question should not be asked here, please tell me so that I will move it...

Not being offensive but the judge of problem 10418 is strange...(I have seek for help in Volume CIV board yesterday)

I submit my code and get a WA, that's fine.
Then as I was desperate so I try to find some resources on this problem and I find this:

It includes many UVA problem's source code, including #10418.
I do not know if those code is correct, so I try to copy & paste his 10418.cpp to the judge and get a WA, that's fine.
Then I randomly copy & paste the code for another problem without even read the problem before (#10443 Rock) and it gets an AC!

Therefore I start to suspect actually the codes Bruce "dares" to put on Github are actually correct...
So I Google his name on Github "Bruce3557", and find that his name on UVA should be "Monkey D. Luffy", and he really solved problem #10418! ... erid=15277

Though I cannot further check if his AC code is the same as those on Github, I think it is reasonable for me to assume they are the same...

So all I want is just some help on this problem #10418, maybe some test cases, some hints, or even telling me "The judge has no problem, the solution on Github has something wrong"
I will be very very thankful for any helps!!

Sorry again if I sound offensive but I really cannot find other way to seek for help...