10011 I/O

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10011 I/O

Post by altertain » Mon Jan 22, 2007 6:31 am

In this problem, I could read a sentence "Neither the house nor the radiation source is inside the tree."

But when I submitted this code, I received Output Limit Exceeded.

struct pnt {
double x,y;

pnt c,p;
double r;

int main()
int t;

while (t--) {
if ((c.x-p.x)*(c.x-p.x)+(c.y-p.y)*(c.y-p.y)<r*r-(1e-5)) {
return 0;

c is the location of the tree and p is the location of the house.

r is the radius of the tree.

Am I wrong? Or is the judge wrong?
Lee, Taeyoon

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Post by tgoulart » Mon Feb 26, 2007 4:50 am

I also checked with assert and got Runtime Error.

But I guess in this cases we just have to print "0.000", right?
Thiago Sonego Goulart - UFMG/Brazil

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Post by Carlos » Sun Apr 08, 2007 1:01 pm

There were 2 wrong test cases. I've deleted them (their solution was 0.000 anyway).

Thanks for the report!
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