Problem 285: Faulty input

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Problem 285: Faulty input

Post by Quantris »

I strongly suspect that there is something wrong with the input for problem 285 (alternatively, the statement needs to be adjusted).

Specifically, the statement says:

"The direction is given by a single character where u means upwards, r means right, d means down and l means left. Given crossword will always be correct."

However, the only difference (to my knowledge) between a WA and an AC for me was WA when assuming the character was 'u', 'r', 'd', or 'l', and AC when ignoring lines that did not end in those characters.

Please check the input file and ensure that the input follows the statement

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Post by Carlos »

Actually, the input was legal but a bit tricky. Every direction was uldr, but the $ symbol wasn't at the endof the line. That way, you should reject whatever you find from that symbol to the end of line.

I've changed it, and added a tricky test case not included before. I'm rejudging every submission.
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