The photo in the front page is TOO big

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The photo in the front page is TOO big

Post by Cho »

For those who use Windows' Internet Explorer must agree that the photo of Mr. William Poucher and Prof. Miguel Revilla in the front page is too big. The original size image (2616x1864) dominates the whole screen. The image's html tag is as:

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<img src="images/billenlauva_19.jpg" width="95%" alt="Joe DeBlasi Award" align="center">
Unfortunately, ie will display the whole image if the image cannot be fitted into width="95%" of the given space. It can display normally if the tag is changed to:

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<img src="images/billenlauva_19.jpg" width="128" alt="Joe DeBlasi Award" align="center">
or any appropriate value.

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Post by Krzysztof Duleba »

Yup. It was one more pleasant surprise when I switched to Firefox that OJ homepage was displayed correctly :-)

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Post by Carlos »

solved (I hope). We only use firefox, that's why we didn't even notice the mistake!!
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