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little joey
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(modest) moderation of the forums

Post by little joey »

These forums have been un-moderated since their start a few years back, and it worked reasonably well during this time. As a (very) frequent reader of the forums, there are a couple of issues that strike me again and again (and I think most other regulars will agree with me):

- (Accidentaly) Opening a new thread, while the message fits perfectly in an existing thread.

- Not using code-tags while posting (part of) a listing. (What happened to the C, Pascal, etc. tags?)

- Not removing WA-code after the problem has been solved.

- Just dumping WA-code for others to debug, without any indication of what you tried yourself.

- Just asking for I/O or posting massive randomly generated I/O.

- Passing the fine line between giving a useful hint and spoiling the problem. This, IMO, also includes posting I/O that reveals all the critical cases or being too explicit about the needed algorithm.

- Being rude or abusing the forums. This luckily doesn't happen too much, but lately we've seen people just posting non-sense to increase their rating, and some time ago quite a few commercial postings were made.

I know it is an immense task for the system administrators to read all the postings and moderate them. But wouldn't it be a good idea to give a few (say 3 or 4) experienced and regular posters some basic moderator rights; not to interfere with ongoing discussions or to press their opinion onto others, but just to correct the (unintentional) mistakes I mentioned and keep the forums readable and organised. (Creating a forum for a new volume could also be one of their duties :)).
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Post by shahriar_manzoor »

I think it would be logical to give little joey and abednego "problemsetter" status and give them some privilages like me. Also two members from the algorithmic panel can also be given similar permission and given a new status "Algorist".

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Post by Carlos »

I have created a "OJ Moderators" group. Tell me, who do you think there should be on it? I agree little joey, but who is abednego (sorry, I don't read the bard very often)? Any other person to enter the group?

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Post by Abednego »

I agree with little joey. I think the two biggest problems are duplicate threads and misplaced threads, or threads that are named wrong.

Thanks for the moderator privileges. I'll try to use them for good.
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