10982 - Troublemakers

All about problems in Volume 109. If there is a thread about your problem, please use it. If not, create one with its number in the subject.

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^^ Thanks~.~

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sclo wrote:
output can be
1 3 4 / or / 2 / or / 2 3 ???
Then May I print one of them?
Yes, you can print any of them. This is special judge problem.


I got AC.

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What an exciting problem! Wonderful!
Happy every day!

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Re: 10982 - Troublemakers

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What is wrong with my code (WA), I am using Per idea:

Code: Select all

 Removed after AC

The random idea is very cool :D, my mistake was that the total of pairs must be at most m/2 on both rooms, not m/2 in each one.. Thank you Igor for clarifying that for me!

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