10941 - Words adjustment

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mf wrote:And I'd like to ask, are there empty lines in the input? I use scanf(" %s",...) to read words, could this be a problem?
From the problem description:
All words use only lowercase letters and contain between 1 and 1000 characters.
I think empty string should not be possible. Besides, I also used scanf("%s",...) and got AC.

Hope it helps :wink:

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Post by mf »

Thanks to all. I've found a bug in my program, and got AC.
In case anybody needs test cases, I've posted some at http://www.algorithmist.com/index.php/UVa_10941_Tests

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Hi there!
Only one thing. The problem specification says that the maximum size of the input is 1000, well, I was getting WA until I changed the size of my arrays to 2005 for k and for the words size.
Only that!

See you!

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i know BFS will get AC. but as polone said it is not fair, what is the pther way?
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