10862 - Connect the Cable Wires

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10862 - Connect the Cable Wires

Post by Tamagodzi »

Can someone verify some I/O?


Code: Select all


Code: Select all

I wrapped the last output into some lines for better readability.

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Post by mf »

Correct output, wrapped at 79th column:

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Post by Tamagodzi »

argh i should have set the carry to 0 between consecutive additions ^^

thank u

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Post by Niaz »

Can any one give me the formula that is used to solve this problem ?
Thanks in Advance....
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Post by Monsoon »

think about fibonacci numbers...

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Post by miras »


i was just thinking about Catalan Numbers ( 1,2,5,...) and it gave correct ans. for sample input :P but in which way Fibonacci can help Us ?
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Post by sumankar »

You are asking something at the risk of spoiling the problem :lol: , its this easy:

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 n      |  1  |  2 | 3 |  4  |
 g(n)  |  1  |  3 | 8 |  21  |
Do you see the pattern?

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Post by Cho »

Instead of observing the pattern without knowing the reason behind, the problem can be solved in this way:

Let f(n) be the number of way to connect the main transmission center (mtc) and n houses. By removing the mtc and its cables to the houses, there will be one or more connected components of houses. Let k be the number of houses of the right most connected component. Then,
1. there are k ways to connect one cable from the mtc to this component, and
2. there are f(n-k) ways to connect the mtc to the rest n-k houses.
So, there are k*f(n-k) to connect them all. Since the range of k is from 1 to n inclusive, by setting f(0)=1, we then have

f(n) = 1*f(n-1) + 2*f(n-2) + ... + (n-1)*f(1) + n*f(0)

You shoule get TLE by coding this formula directly. Simplify it. You will get something similar to the recurrence formula of Fibonacci sequence.
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Post by filigabriel »

Almost all of you are talking about fibonacci numbers.

I found a formula that looks like:

Code: Select all

f(n) = c1 * f(n - 1) + f1(n-2);
where f1 and f are functions totally diferent. But both depend on each other.

I got it, using simple reasoning. Suppose we have all ways for connecting n - 1 houses. Let's try to connect one more in the most-right side. We got next combinations:

1. Connect last house to the previous house. Since all f(n-1) configurations are valids (are connected in some way) we got our first f(n-1) configurations.

2. Connect last house directly to main transmission center. Since all f(n-1) configurations are valids (are connected in some way) we got other f(n-1) valid configurations.

3. Last case, involves connecting house_{n-1} to house_{n} and house_{n} is directly connected to MTC, It's easy to find it, of course if you do some samples.

Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman
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Post by Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman »

Hmmm, various ideas... ! Well, I think the fibonacci pattern is the easiest solution for this problem. Again, regarding Cho's remarks - yes, you are right. But working on these sorts of recurrences, the conclusion leads to something related to Fibonacci very often, ain't? :wink:
A suggestion for those who are having troubles finding out the pattern: enumerate first few outputs by doing some pencil & paper work, write them down. Then list the first few fibonacci numbers. Compare the two lists and you should figure it out. Happy hunting. 8)
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Re: 10862 - Connect the Cable Wires

Post by ujjal.ruet »

I am sorry to inturrupt.But I want to submit code in JAVA language.I have never done it.What is the basic difference to submit it?what will be the class name.

Let see....

Code: Select all

public class Connect{

public static void main()
           //main code goes here
                   }//end of main
}//end of class

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Re: 10862 - Connect the Cable Wires

Post by willmetalufg »

I had the following idea

f(0) = f(1) = 1
There's only one way if you have zero or one houses

If you had to place the k-th house to form a valid configuration there are two options

(i) The first k-1 houses form a valid configuration. Then have two ways to connect the k-th house (connect to the terminal or to the (k-1)-th house

(ii) If the first k-1 houses don't form a valid configuration, the only way to form a valid configuration connecting the k-th house is if the first r houses form a valid configuration (0<=r<k-1) and the houses from r+1 to k-1 are connected between them (only one way to do this). This gives f(r) possibilities for each r.

Then, f(N) = 2*f(N-1) + f(N-2) + f(N-3) + ... + f(1) + f(0) , n >= 2

I simplified it by making the difference between f(N) and f(N-1) and obtained

f(N) = 3f(N-1) - f(N-2), n >= 3 , f(1) = 1, f(2) = 3

Making some calculation by hand my belief is that this is equals to Fib(2N), where Fib is the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, ...)

Can someone help me prove why this is true?

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Re: 10862 - Connect the Cable Wires

Post by Ahmad »

there is a simple dp solution
the state is (n,last) where n is the number of hourses left and last is wether the previous house is connected or not
now each i have 3 choices to made
1.connect the current house with the center
2. connect the current house with the next house
3. if the previous house is connected (last == 1) then i can connect the current house with the previous house ...
that's all ..

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Re: 10862 - Connect the Cable Wires

Post by uDebug »

Replying to follow the thread.
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Post by Zakoshnon »

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