10788 - Parenthesizing Palindromes

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stubbscroll wrote:Try this case, I used it to debug my program:

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Case 1: Valid, Unique
My program got it correct.
Gosh... I've spent so much time on this problem... It shouldn't be difficult :(

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anyone getting confused with the problem statement and misof's definition, plz just re-read this lines, you'll get everything at a glance!
... we find many of the editors and spreadsheet applications using colors or emphasized fonts to show the nesting of the parenthesis structure...
We may not have colors but we have different letters.
each bracket is turned into a letter! thats all!
this is good problem in sense of "understanding the problem statement"
#include <smile.h>

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Re: 10788 - Parenthesizing Palindromes

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Here is a good special case:


Result :Valid, Unique

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