10647 - Optimal House Placement

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10647 - Optimal House Placement

Post by titid_gede »

can you give me how to solve this problem? at first sight i think it can be solve by binary search, but since there could be possible maximum value, i'm going mad now.

Kalo mau kaya, buat apa sekolah?

Adrian Kuegel
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Post by Adrian Kuegel »

Find a function for the costs, if you place a house between two adjacent houses of friends. Then find minimum of that function, and evaluate it efficiently (hint: use partial sums). Take the best result of all adjacent house pairs.

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Post by kh9 »

I did that, and got correct results for the sample test cases, but still got WA. Is there some subtle thing that I've missed?
Update: ok, problem fixed. it's an int overflow mistake (what else is new)...
for whatever reason i stored the locations in an int array, while all other arrays are long long...

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Post by Revenger »

I've got many WA's
Please tell me what can be wrong? are there any tricks ?

Soory, I've found the error

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