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Post by Caesum »

How about more than 10 seconds for this, or reduce the input ? I mean look at the stats...... lowest time is like 8.1 seconds, and nearly everyone times out on it......

If you think that the current time is adequate, then I suggest lowering the time on problems like 10290 where 100 seconds is way too much

Dmytro Chernysh
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Post by Dmytro Chernysh »

Caesum, but you got the best time on 10290! :-)

Adrian Kuegel
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Post by Adrian Kuegel »

I agree with Caesum that the time limit for this problem should be increased. If I remember it right it was up at 20 seconds during the regional contest.
I think that also the time limit of problem 2686 should be increased, I think my program is really fast but I passed only with difficulties.
And another problem where nobody has accepted so far (because of Time limit I think) is 2737. Can someone who knows what time limit was given for this problem during the regional contest say what the time limit was?

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