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Post by Caesum »

I dont understand this - how come some people have submitted this problem and have it within their scores on the ranking table ? You can't submit it on the archive page, it has no submission button and if you try to submit it from one of the others then it says that it cant be judged. If you instead try submitting it normally then it still can't be judged ????

Adrian Kuegel
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Post by Adrian Kuegel »

It was possible to submit this problem some time ago with the submit button in the archive. As far as I know there was a problem with the input files, it seems that they only contained the sample input/output. This was definitely the case for problem 2491, as it was sufficient to send the sample output in to get Accepted. After this was discovered the submit button disappeared.
I hope that these problems will be available again and then with better input files.

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