"I Think I Need a Houseboat" problem 2363 input wr

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"I Think I Need a Houseboat" problem 2363 input wr

Post by PdR »

The input is definitly wrong as I got SIGABORT with this:

(Also I got accepted at acm.zju.edu.cn problem 1049)

[c]#include <stdio.h>

int main (void)
double x, y;
int n;

scanf ("%d", &n);
while (n -- > 0)
if (scanf ("%lf %lf", &x, &y) != 2)
abort ();

return (0);

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Post by Caesum »

looks to me like there is definitely a problem with the input file, perhaps someone can check it out ???? no one is ac on this and there are loads of OLE's on it.....

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Post by sohel »


the input data is certainly incorrect. This problem looks straight forward and it is surprising to see that no one got it AC.
Please correct the mistake!

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