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CSE course

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 12:00 pm
by abhi
i just wanted to know at what point in your engineering courses were you introduced to algorithms and techniques required to solve problems in ACM. ??????

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 12:56 pm
by Dominik Michniewski
I found this page (ACM Online Judge) when I was at first semester of study. But at first I was able to olve only a few problems :)

Best regards

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 2:31 pm
by Cho
Some problems require algorithms which I learned in graduate school.

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 3:03 pm
by shamim
Before I started my University, I was a humble programmer. I just read a book on BASIC and PASCAL and did a lot of programming in these languages, most were limited to silly simulation.

After getting into Uni., I learned C/C++ and started to solve some ACM problems at the end of my 2nd Semesters and is continuing since then.

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2005 2:40 pm
by Rocky
i was not releated with programming before university.but after coming uni i learned c (ist semi),and c++(2nd semi).after learning c and learning some thing about c++..i started solve problem in the middle of 2nd semister...

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2005 6:31 pm
by stubbscroll
There should have been an "other" alternative in the poll, some people may learn algoriths later than 4th semester, and some learn on their spare time, without attending an university. I solved 900 problems on this site before I began to study computer science, because one of my hobbies is programming (algorithms).

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2005 5:20 pm
by sidky
I started solving problems here from grade 10, but only easy ones. I learned algorithms during my 11 and 12 grades.

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2005 9:49 am
by sohel
I learned C in the very first semester and solved some really simple problems during that period ( 17 problems to be precise ).

But later learned algorithm ( not from the course, self study ) and solved a few more.

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2005 3:12 pm
by nukeu666
we had a data structures course in out 2nd sem but that didnt help much here
in my 7th sem(2 sems/tear), i did an algo course which taught me mainly knapsack/basic path finding(prim/kruskal)
yet to do any problems regarding those

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 11:26 am
by Zyaad Jaunnoo
I solve some problems before going to the university using Pascal.

I then learned C and C++ and got exposed to more algorithmic materials. I started solving more problems at the end of the first semester itself.

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 11:46 am
by Tanu
I have Started in 1st sem ...
But paused in the middle ...
Now continuing.....