CSE course

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when did u learm techiniques required to solve the problems in this site ?

Poll ended at Sun Dec 04, 2005 12:00 pm

1 sem
2 sem
3rd sem
4 th sem
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CSE course

Post by abhi »

i just wanted to know at what point in your engineering courses were you introduced to algorithms and techniques required to solve problems in ACM. ??????

Dominik Michniewski
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Post by Dominik Michniewski »

I found this page (ACM Online Judge) when I was at first semester of study. But at first I was able to olve only a few problems :)

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Post by Cho »

Some problems require algorithms which I learned in graduate school.

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Post by shamim »

Before I started my University, I was a humble programmer. I just read a book on BASIC and PASCAL and did a lot of programming in these languages, most were limited to silly simulation.

After getting into Uni., I learned C/C++ and started to solve some ACM problems at the end of my 2nd Semesters and is continuing since then.

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Post by Rocky »

i was not releated with programming before university.but after coming uni i learned c (ist semi),and c++(2nd semi).after learning c and learning some thing about c++..i started solve problem in the middle of 2nd semister...

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Post by stubbscroll »

There should have been an "other" alternative in the poll, some people may learn algoriths later than 4th semester, and some learn on their spare time, without attending an university. I solved 900 problems on this site before I began to study computer science, because one of my hobbies is programming (algorithms).

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Post by sidky »

I started solving problems here from grade 10, but only easy ones. I learned algorithms during my 11 and 12 grades.

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Post by sohel »

I learned C in the very first semester and solved some really simple problems during that period ( 17 problems to be precise ).

But later learned algorithm ( not from the course, self study ) and solved a few more.

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Post by nukeu666 »

we had a data structures course in out 2nd sem but that didnt help much here
in my 7th sem(2 sems/tear), i did an algo course which taught me mainly knapsack/basic path finding(prim/kruskal)
yet to do any problems regarding those

Zyaad Jaunnoo
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Post by Zyaad Jaunnoo »

I solve some problems before going to the university using Pascal.

I then learned C and C++ and got exposed to more algorithmic materials. I started solving more problems at the end of the first semester itself.

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Post by Tanu »

I have Started in 1st sem ...
But paused in the middle ...
Now continuing.....

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