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Should Waterloo stop publishing solutions

Yes, as soon as possible
No, it doesn't matter
I don't Care
Total votes: 24

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Post by shamim »

Eduard wrote:Hello.
You are talking about waterloos solutions wich are only 1% of whole problemset.But In internet there are solutions of 80% of problems volume 1-7.And I know people just submitting solutions.
What about this? :-?
Yes Eduard, for a long time there has been debate over the issue. There is a popular thread regarding this as well as a poll. After that, many of the pages were closed. Unofortunately, some haven't and others opended up after this.

But there is very little we can do about those sites, unless the authors voluntarily remove them.

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Post by Per »

shamim wrote:But, it does cause a problem when deciding the difficulty level of a problem. If you look at the timings, a good number of people have the same time and memory usage as G.V. Cormack, despite there being a great deviation in the timing from other solvers. Too much as a coincident, isn't it.
One thing that could be done is to use a slightly different data set at UVa than the one that's published on the web site. That would at least remove those annoying 0.000 submissions for problems that cannot be solved that fast. But of course, that would require some (though I guess not much) extra work.

Also, I have to say that calling people who "misbehave" this way evil is an exaggeration.

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Post by Zyaad Jaunnoo »

Having the solutions is a great way of learning. Cheating here is only cheating ourselves, though may be that may have an influence on the ranking on some hard working people.
I personally learn a lot at looking at solutions, not just from Waterloo but from past IOI contests or the USACO website.
It would be ideal if we could at least try to solve something and look at the solutions only if ours had been accepted (USACO style)

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Post by nukeu666 »

a few classic solutions should stay...not all...
like one solution regarding graphing,one on trees,one of sorting etc etc

we noobies really loose tempo to start when experienced ppl tell us to start reading cormen or knute :roll: (currently on chapter 2 of cormen)

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Post by sumankar »

The following on this thread is OT, still
Don't read Knuth or Cormen or Sedgewick.When I started out, I didn't
even know what pointers were(it's a different story altogether were you to ask me if I do now :wink: ) There are lots of problems here for which all you need is high school education and a little knowledge about the syntax of the language you are using, and lesser still though by no means less important, some idea of the semantics.

When you are through with such problems, you will automatically turn to Knuth et al if you still care to solve problems.Let your desire guide you to knowledge, not the other way round.


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