How many language do you know?

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Post by stubbscroll »

Hmm, there exist many more programming languages than I thought, check this out:

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Hi !!!

Post by dovier_antonio »

I'm learning a little of: C++, Pascal, Basic and Perl...
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Post by asif_rahman0 »

I know C,C++,VB,Java and
Bengali,English. :lol:

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I know...

Post by h001122 »

My list...
1. PHP
3. C++
4. English
5. Korean
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languages I know

Post by MAK »

I started with QBasic, fiddled a little with VB and was force-fed C in my first semester CS course. But soon after I learned JAVA and now I rarely use anything else anymore. For the UVa I use C++ half the time. (BTW I also know 8086 assembler, but nobody seems to use that for any serious work anymore.)

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Post by Dominik Michniewski »

Many of them are object oriented languages, but I know some funny languages too (like Ocaml). Below is list:

Pascal (Object Pascal too, but not Delphi)
HTML with JavaScript
Clipper (upto 5.0 version)

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Post by Tanu »

Would you say what do you mean by language learning is completed...
Here one poster mentioned
Not Compete Yet
What it means...
How I can know that one language is already learned...

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Post by d91-lek »

Oh my dear,

I used to make lists of languages for CV:s and personal gratification but my expanding ego - not interest - led me to studying computer language theory and higher order logic and I just lost all pride and interest in my list. What does it really mean to KNOW a language? What IS a language? I became disgusted with implementations, hardware tradeoffs and different approaches none of which could be guaranteed superior to the others in all matters. In a way I must have given up for I am totally lost now. If you want a chance to get lost too try some of these: ... _languages

To land again: ... languages/

OK, I do remember the favourite parts of my list,
but I do not claim to be able to write compilers or even interpreters for them.
  • Z80
    Think Pascal (Macintosh, object oriented)
    Awk, Sed and Bash
Is SQL a language? OpenGL? HTML? Postscript? All the LISP-embedded languages one has used?

I'm sorry I asked. This is supposed to be a jolly, light-hearted thread. If I list a language as known, obviously I consider it well enough learnt and also a language. Let later posters flame you, don't rob them of that pleasure.

Fact is I'm trying to learn Haskell during the short intervals when I'm not totally depressed by my inability to evaluate a language design, despite all the theory out there. In my light moments I even think my gut feeling is something to go on. But after a while I always start thinking there has to be a perfect way of programming computers and this can hardly be it, I'd better wait until GNU releases a compiler for that final language. It never even touches my mind to join in the development. Talk about being institutionalised. Well kids, take heed.

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Yes Dear

Post by Tanu »

Yes Dear I'm here also agree you...
But have you got your language from caricualm course...
I got only QBASIC,C,C++,Java from my educational activities...
But do you know the phrase Jack of trades but Muster of none...
Which is importent learning one languages through well...
Either as much you can touch...
As I'm just beginner this problem confuses me much....
My list is strange...

C (Only for acm)...
C++ (Educational)...
HTML(Not deeply)...
Java Script(Starting)...
PHP(Most of the time it makes trouble)....

So none of this language OK(for CV)....
Ha Ha Ha...

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Post by _Rifat_ »

I know following languages:
1) Pascal;
2) c++;
3) Visual Basic (know little)
4) Java (know very little).
In this topic I find several interesting links!

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Post by Martin Macko »


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Post by Zaspire »

I know:
C/C++ :D
Pascal :D

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Post by Dave »

I have used:

1. C
2. C++
3. QBasic
4. VBasic
5. Java
6. PHP
7. Assembler

Out of all these I probably use c++ the most

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Post by DJWS »

Hmm... Here is my list:

C++ - for ACM :wink:
Java - for project development (most are school assignment)
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, PL/SQL - for part-time

It's funny if I can code by speech one day. :D
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Post by bisma »

I've learned many of programming languages, including C/C++, Java, Pascal, Basic, ASM, etc... but then I choose one that I think the best from all the others... that's (object) Pascal! Using the great open source multiplatform compiler and IDE... FreePascal and Lazarus. No need to learn other languages since then. :D


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